At Innovatech Lift we undertake to implement any of your wishes and requirements regarding your lift.

Taking into account the available space of the shaft and machinery room, your needs (transportation of passengers, loads, disabled people, etc.), the aesthetic result, the use of quality materials, we guarantee the flawless and safe installation of your lift.

At Innovatech Lift we give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of cabins, doors and button frames of different colours and materials, so that we can achieve an aesthetically excellent result.

Our company responds with professionalism and responsibility to each customer and deals immediately with any of your needs becoming thus your most trusted partner.

Innovatech Lift:

  • Undertakes the installation of lifts and lifting systems
  • Complies with all the safety rules that are required according to the 95/16/ΕC European Directive and the respective standards that apply regarding the operation of lifts and lifting machinery, guaranteeing a safe result for you.
  • Our company is supplied with excellent quality materials from the leading companies in the sector. Our company studies each project separately and offers the most reliable and safe solutions.
  • We offer a 10-year guarantee for every new installation.
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