Innovatech Lift offers solutions in cases where there is no room for a lift shaft.

We can construct metal structures for you, at the interior or exterior of a building, using quality materials so that we create a shaft with the dimensions you wish, so that we can advance to the second phase of the lift’s installation.

We give you the opportunity to choose from a great variety of materials, such as glass, painted, galvanised or laminated metal sheets, polyurethane panels, plasterboard, the one you wish us to use to cover the metal construction and achieve an aesthetically excellent result.

The steps for the metal construction are:

  • Choice of area: internally or externally
  • Check if the construction is possible or allowed at the particular area
  • Supply of the materials
  • Construction of a sound foundation at the construction point
  • Installation of the hollow sections according to plans
  • Installation of the linings
  • Installation of all of the lift components
  • Delivery of the lift in fully and properly operational state

At Innovatech Lift we respond to all of your needs, offering you the best, highest quality, most reliable solutions.

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