Our experienced staff undertake to modernise your lift.

Due to the constant use of the lift, as time passes, wear and damages occur and therefore the lift must be repaired.

Furthermore, the new technological developments bring about advanced parts and components, making the modernisation of the lift and lifting systems quite necessary

According to the Joint Ministerial Decision the upgrade of the lift is necessary for all lifts that are over 15 years old so that they are safe, functional and energy efficient.

The works that are performed for the modernisation of the lift regard:

  • The driving mechanism
  • The automation panel
  • The doors of the cabin and of the shaft
  • The cabin of the lift
  • The button frames of the cabin and of the floors

All the old parts that are replaced, after the modernisation of the lift, meet the standards and requirements the Law provides for, so that the certification of the lift by the official competent lift certification authority is possible and its operation license is renewed.

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