The maintenance is performed by an experienced staff that check the safety devices and the lift.

Innovatech Lift undertakes the regular maintenance of the lift, which is performed at regular intervals depending on its class (house, apartment building, hospital, public building).

The maintenance of the lift is necessary, so that the transportation with it can be safely performed.

The regular maintenance is performed by a specialised staff, who check the safety devices and the electrical and mechanical parts of the lift in general, take care of the lubrication and cleaning of the components, which results to the decrease of the possibility of failures and deregulations.

By regularly performing the maintenance of the lift its good function is ensured and its service life is extended.

Innovatech Lift:

  • Is at your disposal 7 days a week 24 hours a day
  • Guarantees the repair of damages and the availability of spare parts

Offers a full liability insurance coverage for your lift, free of charge

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