Innovatech Lift undertakes consistently and reliably the installation of lifting systems for goods. The goods lifts can transport rapidly and safely all the goods you desire.

The Innovatech Lift company guarantees the flawless construction of the goods lift and the use of components of excellent quality which are going to be used for the proper and long-life operation of the goods lifting system.

The goods lifting systems are distinguished into liftslifting platforms for loads and lifts for escorted loads.


The lifts are lifting systems which can be used for the transport of small loads in areas such as restaurants.

More particularly, the following are available:

  • Small loads lifts for the transport of goods from 200kg to 1500kg on a platform
  • Lifts for restaurants with a stainless cabin and doors which can be used in restaurants, bars, bookstores, small storerooms, etc.
  • Lifts for heavy loads, made of high quality and strength materials. Cabins and doors of large dimensions that allow even the loading of forklifts.


The Compact type lifting Platform for Loads consists the ideal solution for industrial plants and storage areas. Its installation is quite easy and fast, while it does not require a shaft and machinery room. The Compact lift is used for the transport of loads up to 1500kg.

Lift for Escorted Loads

The lifts for escorted loads are installed at industrial areas, factories and supermarkets, where the transport of loads is performed with the presence of a person.

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