Lift panels

Innovatech Lift has mechanical and hydraulic lift panels, as well as evacuation system panels. On the panel can be generated and edited all of the orders, which are sent to it through electric circuits from the lift.

  • Mechanical panel with Inverter
  • Hydraulic panel
  • Evacuation system panel

Μηχανικός πίνακας με Inverter | Πίνακες ΑνελκυστήρωνΠίνακας απεγκλωβισμού | Πίνακες ΑνελκυστήρωνΥδραυλικός πίνακας | Πίνακες Ανελκυστήρων


The pistons are made of steel and are available in a large variety of diameters, so that can be suitable for plants where the transportation of heavy loads is required with double pistons or panoramic lifts in areas where high aesthetics and functionality are required.

The pistons are distinguished in:

  • Indirect mounting pistons
  • Direct mounting pistons and
  • Telescopic pistons

Oil Sump

The oil sump is made of a steel sheet with a special welding. In its interior it has folds and many surfaces so that the vibrations due to eigenfrequency when the electric motor is active are reduced. Furthermore, the oil sump has a system with multiple covers, through which its maintenance process is facilitated.

The oil level, which must be quite high so that the complex of the motor and the pump is fully covered, even when the piston is fully raised, is controlled through the relative index which is mounted on the gas bleeding cock. The oil’s purpose, among others, is to cool the unit and to absorb noise during the operation of the lift.


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